There are a few things in this life that one can truly claim. Such is true of technology and its continual rapid development. I however, feel free to claim the passion and drive I have for my line of work.

When asked about the programming language I work with my heart betrays me somewhat, as Ruby was and still is my first love. However, there is plenty of room for other love ventures, as I enjoy working with Java, Java script, HTML and C++ as well . Cutting edge development, innovative techniques and new web technologies is what motivates me and keeps me wanting to move forward. I apply this concept of moving forward to my family life as well. Taking on challenges, keeping things alive and fresh are all part and parcel of a life philosophy I try and exercise daily.

These are just brief insights as to what’s important to me as there are plenty more . In summary, what has become clear is that experience has taught me, that being able to enjoy what I do, makes me better- at what I do.

Kind Regards