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Useful Services for self hosted rails applications

When building your own application using Ruby on Rails and you are a one man team, you really can use all the help you can get. I am going to list a few of the services I am using that is making the process of building a application a little more enjoyable.

Digital Ocean

The Slogan being “Simple Cloud Computing, Built for Developers” really holds well. For only $5 dollars a month you can have your own virtual server hosted in the cloud. If ever one day your application starts getting some load, it’s a simple process to up the size of your virtual server.

New Relic

Need performance metrics for your application, look no further than New Relic. They have a Lite option that does basic metrics for your application for Free. This option is great to get you started.


Knowing when your application is throwing errors is a great way to respond quickly when things are going wrong. Rollbar pricing model allows your application up to 5000 notices for free, which is another great service that can grow with your application’s requirements.


Having all your logs in one place and very accessible is what Loggly does to all your logs. I found it very easy to setup and with 200MB free logging per day makes it a win for small applications.

Semaphore CI

Setting up CI is really simple with Semaphore and they offer free builds to opensource projects. If setup correctly it will deploy your code when your build passes and that,is a wonderful time saver.

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