My Grocery Book

Reactjs Shopping Lists

I have been recently trying out reactjs and decided to rebuild the shopping list section using it. give it a try, you can login as a Guest.READMORE

To get started with react and rails I used a gem called react-rails. The gem allows you to do server side rendering as well which I thought could be pretty useful. Getting everything setup was as simple as following their README and I was building react examples in no time.

I also added eslint as a linting utility for my .jsx files. Getting this running required nodejs and npm. I managed to figure (with a bit of GoOgle) I could install what I needed globally using npm.

npm install -g eslint eslint-config-standard eslint-plugin-standard eslint-plugin-react

once installed you create a .eslintrc file and run it as follows.

eslint app/assets/javascripts/**/*

All in all I am quite happy with the outcome of the shopping list and also really enjoying using reactjs. Next up is figuring out how to write jasmine tests for my react components.

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