My Grocery Book

The Free Time Pickle and discovering Roda

So doing this project during my free time has been quite a challenge for me so far I usually have about 7 to 10 hours a week in the evenings to work on developing. Usually I use this time to either mess around with a new technology or sometimes I find myself still doing work.

I have been busy this week refactoring the grocery api to use the roda which has turned into a bigger refactor than I thought it would be (due to having to do the type casting myself). I must say I do feel much better the way the code looks now and I do feel like the code is more under my control but from the outside I have not really added anything.

I realise I am doing these kinds of refactoring a bit early (putting the perfect project on ice) and I am more likely at the point where I have to let the technical debt build up until I have a working product. Who knows I might never change it and never have to pay back that technical debt?

I am hoping to keep these kind of detours under control by taking some advice from a stackexchange answer and focus on getting a working project that is usable.

That all said, don’t forget to check out roda. Janko Marohnić post is a nice intro.

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